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“As residents of Preston Hollow for nearly 30 years, Micki and I are proud to support John Turner to be our next State Representative in District 114. We support John because he’s a champion for public education who understands the state is not doing enough to support our children. John also respects the fact that local elected officials are best positioned to make local policy decisions. Finally, John represents a throwback to a different era of politics, one in which we treat each other with civility and respect even when we disagree. He’s sensible, he’s steady and he’s clearly the best choice for State House District 114.”

-The Honorable Michael S. Rawlings, City of Dallas

“I’ve known John for many years, and he is exactly the type of centrist, pragmatic, business-minded leader that we need in Austin. He has a deep knowledge of education policy and a passion to help every child succeed – regardless of that student’s race or background. John is a deeply moral man with strong family values, and I know that he will be exactly the type of representative that our Dallas students and their families need in the Texas Legislature.”

– Dustin Marshall, DISD Trustee*
Press release announcing school trustee endorsement


Texas Association of REALTORS® Political Action Committee

“We are proud to support John Turner in his campaign to represent the constituents of HD 114. We have been impressed with his command of the complex issues facing our great state and with his dedication to protecting homeowners across Texas. Looking ahead to the 86th legislative session, many discussions are centered on property tax reform, public school finance, and infrastructure solutions. With so much at stake for homeowners right now, we believe his commitment to finding fiscally responsible, sustainable solutions will make him a valuable addition to the Texas House.”

– Texas Association of REALTORS® Political Action Committee
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Dallas Bipartisan Business Support


DISD Trustees Support John


Texas Realtors Support John


Highlights of John’s Endorsements

Dallas Firefighters Association

Combined Law Enforcement
Association of Texas

Texas Municipal Police Association

Dallas Police Association

Texas American Federation of Teachers

Texas State Teachers Association

American Federation Of Labor
Congress of Industrial Organizations

Texas Parent PAC

Texas Association of Business PAC


Team Turner

Cullen and Carolee Aderhold

David Allred

Allen Almodovar

Aditi Anand, M.D.

Hon. Rafael Anchia

Billy & Sandra Anderson

Alex Andrade

Arthur “Art” E. Anthony

Rebecca Arredondo

Diana Bacon

David and Frances Baker

Todd & Lisa Baker

Jorge Baldor

David Ballard

Carol Barger

Nancy and Barry Barnett

Lily Batchelder

Nancy Bateman

Jason Beatey

Jeff and Shelley Becker

J. Brent Beckert

Pam and John Beckert

David Bell

Manuel G. Berrelez

Ann Bevel

Lucy Billingsley

Kay Birdwell

Emily Black

J.D. Blakley

John Bowland

Dan S. Boyd

David Bradley

Susan Bradley

Stacy Brainin

Rolf A. Brekken

Pamela Brice

Debbie Bridges, M.D.

Jonathan Bridges

Talia Brinkman

Erika Bruce

Rebecca W. Bruder

Joseph and Judi Bruegger

Judy Bryant

Jene F. Buckner

Dan Bullock

Hon. Lon Burnam

Edna and George Butts

Hon. Kent Caperton

Robyn Carafiol

Bill Carmody

Catherine Carmody

Paul and Elisabeth Carrell

Dan Casey

Eileen Cason

John Castle

Emmy Cattani

Brandy K. Chambers

Daniel Charest

Scott Chase

LeAnn Chen

Andrei Cherny

Daniel Chon

Dave Claunch

Betsy Julian and Ed Cloutman

Sam Coats

Murray Coffey

Joni and Bob Cohan

Anthony Colangelo

Calvin J. Colbert

Deborah S. Coldwell

Nathan Cortez

Catherine Couturier

Bill and Gwen Crain

Tom and Kristina Crain

William L. Cravens

Afton Crissey

Phillip Cunningham

Bernadine Daniell

Al Daniels

Paige and Josh Darby

Amy and Sherwin Daryani

Giles Davidson

Courtenay Davis

Jeff Dorrill

Aaron Davis, D. Eng

Sandra De La Cruz

Alberto De La Pena

Paul Dees

Claire Dewar

Michael Dill

Evtimia Dimitrova

Susan Dozier and Charles L. Edmiston III

Lorna L. Dressendorfer

Tom Dunning

Dr. Scott and Elicia Eckert

Cristy Ecton

Hon. Chet Edwards

Shelby Eidson

The Einstein Family

John Eldridge

Bryan Ellett

Heather Ellett

Courtney Elliott

Matt Ellis

David W. Elmquist

Carolyn Ennis

Jessica Epperson

Jim and Julie Evans

Sarah Evans

Aimee L. Ezzell

Ian Fairchild

Regen Horchow Fearon

Cory E. Feldman

Nina Cortell and Bob Fine

Patti Fink

Audrey Fisher

John and Jenny Fleming

Kimberly Flores

Edwin Flores*

Veletta Forsythe Lill

Robert C. Franks

Hon. Martin Frost

Curtis Fuelberg

Jeffrey M. Gaba

Ann Zimmerman Gallant

Michael Gagne

Catalina E. Garcia, M.D.

Rollin Gary

Joel Garza

Marnie and Brian Glaser

Liz Ginsberg

April Gorman

Tate Gorman

Susybelle Gosslee

Charles C. Gray

David Gray

Geoff Green

 Dean Gresham

David Griggs

Joanna L. Grossman

Suzan Grossman

Ron and Beth Gumz

Kathy Gutierrez

Scott Hadden

Dr. Robert and Stephanie Haley

Marilyn Halla

Anne Hamilton

Chris Hamilton

Ruel M. Hamilton

Dr. Faisal and Mrs. Aassia Haq

Dr. Tamia A. Harris-Tryon

Brian and Cheryle Hartig

Christopher Hausman

Mita Havlick

Cynthia Hawkins-Bowland

Grant M. Hayden

Dr. David and Cherry Haymes

Samantha Heidbrink

Janice and Curtis Henderson

Curt and Erika Herridge

Albert Hervey

Patricia Price Hicks

Erik Hille

Michael L. Hood

Holly Hope

Ernest Horany II

Emily and Trey Howse

Jennifer Huen

Carrie Huff

Caroline Humphries

Amy Boardman Hunt

Russ Ingram

Ilina Iontchev, M.D.

Atanas Iontchev, M.D.

Carol Jablonski

Larry & Cindy Jefferson

Hon. Clay Jenkins*

Barry Johnson, CPA

Dianne D. Johnson

Hon. Eric Johnson

Eric D. Johnson

Jane Johnson, Ph.D

Jerry D. Johnson

Amanda Jordan

Jeffrey Kahn

Amanda Kalescky

Rob Kalescky

Sunny Kang

Austin Kaplan

Abha and Brian Kasper

Rabbi Nancy Kasten

Richard and Jo-Ann Killinger

Knox Kimberly

Kristi Kirby

Hon. Ron Kirk

Andrew F. Kirkendall

Ruth Bradley Klein

Betsy and Mark Kleinman

Elisabeth Kleinman

Caren and Pete Kline

Jeff Kogutt

Sarah Kovich

Jenny Grumbles Koziol

Arvind Krishnamurthy

Nancy Marcus Land

Russell Langley

Kate Murray Langston

Keith L. Langston

Barbara and Pat Larkin

Carlton Larson

Taylor Larson

Ben Lauer

Mary S. Lavender

John and Lacy Lawrence

Tom Leatherbury

Alex Lee-Cornell

Woot Lervisit

Alan H Levi, CPA

Tom Luce

Edie Lycke

Douglas MacMahon

Kate and Tim Maddy

Kamini Mamdani

Neal Manne and Nancy McGregor

Torres-Rodriguez Manuel, JD, CPA

Denise Marciano, MD, PhD

Howard Marcus, MD

Guillermo “Gil” Marmol

Dustin Marshall*

Jack and Patsy Martin

Rene Martinez

Apryl Mathes Mathes

Eric Mayer

Elizabeth Mayers

Matt Mayers

Tom Mayo

Orly Mazur

Kris Mullen McArdle

Jim and Jane McCarthy

Debbie McComas

David L. McCombs

Jerry and Julie McCoy

Doug McCrum

Susan McCrum

Brad McCutcheon

Scott McElhaney

Janie and Cappy McGarr

Bridger McGaw

Sonja McGill

Ellen Gibson McGinnis

Katherine Savers McGovern

Glenn McGrory

Mary Beth McKenna

Elaine McLendon and Melvin Munch

Barry McNeil

Christopher McRorie

Ed Meier

Ben Mesches

Louisa Meyer

Velin Mezinev

Dan Micciche*

Barry Moffat

Regina Montoya

Audrey Monzleun

Frederick C. Moss

Martha Moss

Nat and Nicole Mucha

Melvin M. Munch, Jr

Taylor Murchison

Suzanne Murray

Audrey Naarden

Natalie Nanasi

Nancy Nasher

JoDee Neil

Nick Nelson

Susan and Danny Nold

Rebecca Nolen

Erle Nye

Katie O’Brien

Anne Joseph O’Connell

Kris Oliver

Eddie Ortega

Alfredo Ortiz

Leslie Oschmann

Jennifer Owen

Ronson and Elise Page

Maureen Pantusa

Chanda Parbhoo

Betty Park, M.D.

Charles A. Parker

Dr. Mark Parker

Connie Pasho

Bonnie and Evan Pearson

Stacy Pearson

Terri Peeters

Elizabeth Petter

Hon. Jim Pitts

John Pitts

Jayne Polly

Bryan Pope

Cheryl Pope

David Pore

Kathy Markham Porter

Timothy E. Powers

Will Pryor

Jonathan Randall

Hon. Michael S. and Micki Rawlings*

Shawn Raymond

Tyler and Elizabeth Reames

Andrea Reed

Suzette and Wes Reed

Daniel R. Reynolds

Staci Reznik

Marc H. Richman

Cathy Rimer-Surles

Keith Robinson

Renee Robison

Paul H. Rogers

Chris Rogers

Julie Forrester Rogers

Betty and Brent Rosenthal

Steve Rudner

Michael Ruiz

Harry and Janie Rumberger

Kent Rutter

Greg R. Samuel

Mazin A. Sbaiti, Esq.

Anne and Jim Schermerhorn M.D.

Jeffrey Schroer

Janice Schwarz

Daniel Seif

Cliff Sentell

Ann and Irwin Sentilles

Stephen Shackelford, Jr.

Janice Sharry

John Sheridan

Shelley Sheridan

Seldon Short

David Shulze

Andrew Siegel

Birl Smith

Melanie Smith

Craig Smyser

Miguel Solis*

Gene Soslow

Diane Spear

Debby Hay Spradley

Bruce Steckler

Dave Steinbach

Ron Steinhart

Audrey Stewart

Katherine Stewart

Bernard M. Stoller

Hannah Wanebo Strom

Beth and Mark Stromberg

Vera L. Suarez

Dorit and Michael Suffness

Brady and Carolyn Surles

Collin Surles

Jo Sutton

Adam M. Swartz

Kaleo and Michelle Taft

Sharon and Blaine Tamplain

Albert C. Tan

Josh Tate

David Taubenfeld

Sharon Temple

Rob Temple

Don Templin

Seema Tendolkar

Pleasant Thompson

Beth Thornburg

Danny Tobey

Linda Tokoly

Mark Trachtenberg

Trinh & Trinh Tran

Ahren Tryon

Rocky C. Tsai

Hon. Chris Turner

Hon. Jim and Ginny Turner

David W. Tuthill

Roxana Vandehey

Greg Wallace

Liz Stewart Wally

Carolyn and Rob Walters

Bill Walton

Dick and Judy Ward

Michael and Tanya Ward

Joe Bill Watkins

Hon. Kirk Watson

Rachel Weathers

Thomas Weber

David Weinberg

Carl Weisbrod

Leighton Weiss

John J. Wellik

Clay West

Andrew White

Germaine White

Rebecca G. White

Emily Whitfield

Nancy and Robert Whitlock

Tom Wilkie, PhD

Jeffrey Wilson

Peter Winship

Alan Wright

Jerri and Christian Yoss

Michael Young

Sharon Young

Mark Yzaguirre

Felix A. Zamora

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*Endorsement made in their personal capacity