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A Healthier Texas

“Ensuring that good health care is available to all is a mark of a good society.”

Ensuring that good health care is available to all is a mark of a good society.  We want quality medical care for ourselves and our loved ones, and all of us benefit when good health care is available to others.

One of the smartest things we can do to improve health in Texas is to accept the billions of our own federal tax dollars available under the Affordable Care Act to expand health coverage.

Right now, Texas has the largest uninsured population in the country. Yet the Legislature refuses to accept federal money that could help address this problem.

In Dallas, publicly supported Parkland Hospital provides a great deal of taxpayer-funded care to uninsured patients. Our other hospitals also provide a significant amount of uncompensated care. It would be better for taxpayers, hospitals, and patients alike to have expanded health coverage – so that people are not arriving at hospitals without insurance.

John believes that Texans shouldn’t have to send their tax money to the federal government, and then not get their share of available tax dollars back. And when doctors and hospitals treat large numbers of uninsured patients, it makes premiums higher for everyone than they would be if more people were insured

If elected, John will support common-sense measures to make Texans healthier.