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Civic Values

“2018 is a year to renew our commitments to the rule of law, the Constitution, and the ideals of the Declaration of Independence.”

The 2016 election and its aftermath have truly challenged our democracy. John Turner believes 2018 should be a year when we recommit to the civic values that have historically made the United States a great nation.

John believes we need to reaffirm some principles that ought to be universally accepted in American politics:


  • The rule of law and the independence of the justice system are more important than any attempt to gain or keep political advantage.
  • Governing well is hard work. The best policy is not always the one that fits most easily into a tweet or a sound bite.
  • A well-functioning democracy depends on maintaining a level of decency in public life.

We must remember that in America, we pledge allegiance to a flag that stands for “one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” 

We need to refocus on these ideals. We can’t allow a resurgence of resentments, grievances, and divisive politics to undermine these core American principles.

We must reinforce our country’s political foundation at all levels of government and renew our commitment to the rule of law, to the Constitution, and to the ideals of the Declaration of Independence. These principles give us a moral bearing as a nation and unify us as Americans. If elected, John will do his best to be a part of that effort.