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Safe and Livable Neighborhoods

“The Legislature should be an ally for our city and its neighborhoods, not an obstacle to them.”

Dallas is a city of great neighborhoods. Right here in North Dallas, we are proud to live in Lake Highlands, Midway Hollow, Preston Hollow, and Hamilton Park, to name just a few.

Caring about our neighborhoods means caring about our city. It means having a good police presence. It means supporting libraries, parks, and other public spaces where we can gather with family and friends.

The Texas Legislature should be an ally of the City of Dallas in these efforts. 

Unfortunately, some lawmakers have made the Legislature seem less like a good partner to our city, and more like an adversary. Bills have been proposed that would take local control away from Dallas and other cities in areas from budgeting to tree ordinances.

For example, right now, the Dallas Police Department has hundreds fewer police officers than it should. Dallas needs to hire more officers to address a rising violent crime rate. Yet some in the Legislature are proposing bad bills that would artificially cap local city budgets.  This would tie Dallas’s hands in attempting to improve police presence in our neighborhoods.

We elect local officials to make these kinds of decisions. The Legislature should let them do their jobs. 

As a state legislator, John would be an advocate for Dallas and its neighborhoods, not an obstacle to them.